Own Your Own Tail

Once you have FELT the FREEDOM and FUN of being a MERMAID you won’t want to stop. Order your own tail and monofin and matching swimming accessories to bring out the MERMAID in YOU!

Mertopia Aqua Academy are pleased to partner with Fin Fun as an Authorised Reseller to bring you high quality fabric tails, swimwear and monofins so you can create your own look in becoming your new ‘Mersona’.

If you would like to place an order, simply CONTACT us and let us know what style and size you are after and an invoice will be sent out with payment details.

*Please note that we do order from the US and orders take approximately 7 to 10 business days to arrive before being posted out with a tracking number. 

Mermaiden Tails


Fin Fun’s Mermaiden fabric mermaid tails feature lifelike mermaid-scale patterns and eye catching colours.  Fin Fun’s fabric tails are made of premium swimsuit fabric that stretches four ways for a comfortable mermaiding experience. In addition, they are fade-resistant to sun, chlorine, and saltwater exposure.

  • Reinforced Tail Tip Technology
  • Machine Washable
  • 100% Swimmable
  • Exceptional Safety Feature

Available in:

Youth Sizes 6  8  10

$130.00 including Jnr Monofin

$80.00 Tail Skin Only

Youth Size 12
Adult Sizes XS  S  M  L  XL

$140.00 including Pro Monofin

$90.00 Tail Skin Only

Size Chart


Aussie Green Mermaid Tail
Order here

Malibu Pink Mermaid Tail

Order here

Rainbow Reef Mermaid Tail

Order here

Arctic Blue Mermaid Tail

Order here

Tidal Teal Mermaid Tail

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Asian Magenta Mermaid Tail

Tropical Sunrise Mermaid Tail

Celtic Green Mermiad Tail

Baracuda Black Mermaid Tail

 Mermaid Tail and Swimwear
Size Chart

Limited Edition Tails

This Limited Edition range of Fin Fun Mermaid Tails is constantly changing, there are so many stunning designs in a whole array of sparkling colours.

Like Fin Fun’s Mermaiden Mermaid Tails, the fabric has been designed to resist fading from elements of the sun, chlorine, and salt water and has a 4 way stretch for extra comfort.  Limited Edition tails also feature an extra layer of shimmer that sparkles.

Available in:
Youth Sizes 6  8  10

$145.00 including Jr Monofin

$95.00 Tail Skin Only

Youth Size 12
Adult Sizes XS  S  M  L  XL

$160.00 including Pro Monofin

$105.00 Tail skin only

Size Chart

*Please note that these tails are LIMITED and not all sizes and colours may be available at time of purchase

Tahitian Sunset Limited Edition

Pacific Prism Limited Edition |

Moon Dive Limited Edition

Candy Cove Limited Edition

Watercolor Waves Limited Edition

Bahama Blush Limited Edition 

Lunar Tide Limited Edition

Bronzed Emerald Limited Edition

Island Opal Limited Edition

Blue Lagoon Limited Edition

Aquamarine Limited Edition

Fiji Fantasy Limited Edition

Ice Dragon Limited Edition

Lotus Moon Limited Edition

Sapphire Sea Limited Edition

Maui Splash Limited Edition

Silver Lightning Limited Edition


Fin Fun’s Atlantis mermaid tails take your look to the next level with additional features that really make a mer stand out. Besides the main monofin, this special collection of tails includes added side and back fins composed of a neoprene core that creates a dramatic effect in the water for a truly 3-dimensional look.

Realistic scale designs infuse interest into the many colors interspersed throughout the tail design. Designed to fit over our Monofin Pro and AMP, these premium-quality swimmable mermaid tails boast four-way stretch fabrics, reinforced tail tips, and breathtaking patterns for an elevated experience underwater like never before.

Available in:
Youth Sizes 6  8  10

$195.00 including Jr Monofin

$145 Tail Skin Only

Youth Size 12
Adult Sizes XS  S  M  L  XL

$205.00 including Pro Monofin

$155.00 Tail skin only


Size Chart

*Please note that these tails are LIMITED and not all sizes and colours may be available at time of purchase

Orchid Dusk Atlantis NEW

Riptide Atlantis

Malaysian Mist Atlantis

Pacific Pearl Atlantis

Northern Lights Atlantis

Bronzed Sapphire Atlantis 

Sea Dragon Atlantis


Fin Fun’s patented design Monofin; with a polypropylene insert for hardiness and a dive-grade neoprene cover, is not only comfortable and secure it has been designed with safety in mind and is easy to remove quickly and easily.

Available in two sizes to fit most feet:  Youth (Junior) and Adult (Pro)


$70.00 Jnr Monofin

$75.00 Pro Monofin


$85.00 Advanced Jnr Monofin

$90.00 Advanced Pro Monofin

Fin Fun Monofin Jr

Fin Fun Monofin Pro

Advanced Monofin Monofin Jr

Advanced Monofin Monofin Pro


Fin Fun Swimwear is made from the highest quality materials, it is fade resistant and is designed to be worn in chlorine and the sea. Choose from three different designs or mix and match tops and bottoms to create a look to complement your tail or for an eye catching pop of colour in the pool or down by the beach.

Add a coordinating sarong to complete your look.

Available in:
Youth Sizes 6  8  10  12

Girls Bikini Sets (Youth Sizes Only) $55.00

Girls Tankini Sets (Youth Sizes Only) $65.00

Sea Wave Bikini Set $55.00

Adult Sizes XS  S  M  L  XL

Sea Wave Bikini Set $65.00

Women’s Fluke Bikini  $70.00

Women’s Fluke Tankini  $80.00


Size Chart

Women’s Artic Blue Fluke Bikini Top

Women’s Artic Blue Fluke Tankini Top – Front

Women’s Artic Blue Fluke Tankini Top – Back

Women’s Asian Magenta Fluke Bikini Top

Women’s Asian Magenta Fluke Tankini Top – Front

Women’s Asian Magenta Fluke Tankini Top – Back

Sea Wave Bikini Set – Black

Sea Wave Bikini Set – Light Blue

Girls Celtic Green Bikini Set

Girls Asian Magenta Bikini Set

Girls Arctic Blue Bikini Set

Girls Aussie Green Bikini Set

Girls Tidal teal Tankini Set

Girls Tropical Sunrise Bikini Set

Girls Rainbow Reef Tankini Set

Girls Malibu Pink Tankini Set

Girls Celtic Green Tankini Set

Girls Asian Magenta Bikini Set

Girls Arctic Blue Takini Set

Girls Aussie Green Tankini Set


Super cute and super comfortable, Fin Fun’s leggings can be worn in the water as well as for everyday use, playtime or the gym. These stunning leggings are made from a moisture-wicking, high-quality, breathable poly/spandex blend.

Available in:
Youth Sizes YXS  YS  YM  YL  YXL


Adult Sizes XS  S  M  L  XL


Size Chart

Watercolor  Leggings

Tidal Leggings

Maui Leggings

Aussie  Leggings

Deep Sea Green Leggings

Lunar Leggings


A fun range of Shark Fins, Board Shorts and Rashies

Shark Fin $55.00

Rash Vest $47.50

Board Shorts $44.00

Size Chart

Shark Fin Grey
(Also available in Pink)

Shark Fin Blue

Shark Rashie & Boardshorts

Mertopia Aqua Academy are passionate about safety and feel that this is most important to remember when using a monofin and mermaid tail. Mermaid tails and monofins are not recommended for for unskilled swimmers. Mertopia Aqua Academy also highly recommend that when using a Mermaid Tail and Monofin that this is never done alone and if under 18, that an adult is always present to supervise. Having the right size tail and monofin is also advised.  Please check out our page on Mermaid Safety for other important safety tips.
We encourage our customers as well as parents/caregivers to use their best judgement to decide if you/they are ready to use a Fin Fun tail and by purchasing/using these products, you acknowledge that you are responsible for your/ your child’s safety while using Fin Fun products.

Please spread the Mer-love