Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a different brand tail and monofin, can I use my own in the classes?

A: Unfortunately not. After a lot of research, the Fin Fun brand of tail and monofin are what we believe is one of the safest on the market and safety is our number one concern.

Q: My child is in between sizing, what size would you recommed?

A: In regard to being in between sizing, we usually recommed going with the larger size as youth usually will grow into them. 

Q: I want to book a teen party but some of my daughter’s friends are under 10, will they be able to participate?

A: Following the recommendations of the Surf Life Saving Society of Western Australia, for health and safety reasons only students 10 years old and above are permitted to wear a monofin and tail. We do have a Merbabes party where a “Real Life’ Mermaid can come and play games and run a fun party.

Q: I have a head cold, can I still participate in the class?

A: Swimming while unwell is not recommended, we are happy to re-book you in for another class on presentation of a medical certificate.

Q: Can I buy a Fin Fun tail before I start my class?

A: Yes, we even offer a discount when you book and buy a tail at the same time!

If any of your questions have not been answered please contact us and we will endevour to answer your enquiry.