What does it mean to be a mermaid or merman?

Being a mermaid is many things. For some it is living carefree and without fear, for others it is charm, allurement, beauty, it is an expression of self, being mystic or mysterious, not being held back by limits, it is feeling free and for many it is about connecting with the ocean and waterways.

Mermaid Naqulaan is passionate about being an Ocean Ambassador and doing her part to help educate others to save it.

Everyone can play their part too. Here are a few changes YOU can make.

  • Save water; think about how long your showers are, even a minute or two will make a difference
  • Stop using single use plastic; bring your reusable coffee cups and say “NO” to plastic straws
  • Support ocean friendly companies. Is the seafood you buy ethically and environmentally sourced?
  • Use reef friendly sunscreen. There are so many toxins that harm our coral reefs, so please research before applying

We can all make a difference if we work together!


Hands Across the Sand

Mermaid Naqulaan and a few of the local Adelaide merpod joined with hundreds of people in the Hands Across the Sand & Paddle out for #fightforthebight

Joining hands in a united front and supporting a cause against Norwegian mining company, Equinor, from drilling for oil in our Great Australian Bight, the Adelaide Merpod protested about the impact to the marine environment would be catastrophic if an oil spill were to occur in our protected reef.

Read the full story here:

The Advertiser ‘Groundswell grows against oil drilling